Monday, 21 July 2014

Blog Hop with a Difference...

Hi everyone!  I was asked by Sue Smyth to join a  BLOG HOP with a DIFFERENCE. 
It's a great idea and a way to get to know us and who in turn inspires us, a little bit of fun!  

You can pop over and see Sue’s Blog & Post is HERE.   Thanks Sue for 'tagging' me xoxo

Here are the questions Sue has asked me:

1. What am I working on?

Right now? Not so much, I can't find my scrap desk LOL. I've just started packing, renovating and all that 'fun' stuff so I have everything everywhere! {Note: read 'packing and renovating' as "moving stuff around the house but getting nowhere"}.  And yes... I'm going to share the chaos that is my desk... yep, it surpasses being a 'mess'.

However generally I'm always working on something. Class layouts for Tomorrow's Memories, DT work for Donna Salazar Designs and Kaisercraft or a Commission for Australian Scrapbook Ideas... there's always something I want to play with! This weekend I had a weekend ‘off’, which means I caught up on my Project Life album {only 6 weeks behind this time}.  I did this on the coffee table though, since the scrap desk is hiding.  But that works for me, the coffee table is in the lounge, where the heater is LOL.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I love adding purely handmade elements such as my flowers and ruffles, recycled fabrics, hand stitching - these are the elements of 'me' I put into my work. 

3. Why do I create what I do?

Waayyy back when I started, it was to record everything.  My memory is shocking and I was hoping this would help me remember all those little moments. But then it turned into a creative outlet as well, so now I do it simply because I enjoy it!  I've discovered that I need to create something, anything... be it a messy ink on the hands {clothes, table and where-ever else it ends up} canvas, a layout of a favourite photo or a tag for a friend, because it makes me happy.  Working full time quoting all day, creating gives my brain that 'me' time it needs.

4. How does your creating process work?

I'd love to say I have a process but honestly, I don't. If I have projects to work on I grab them, hunt for things to go with them, look for photos that match (or change ones to suit) and then I just relax and 'play' and the layout creates itself.   Perhaps that's a process, but I would rarely plan out how a layout or canvas is going to look, and if I did I can guarantee it'd be nothing like I'd thought!!

We are all inspired by others, luckily for me 2 of my main inspirations are from a couple of girls who's friendships are so very close to my heart:

Natasha doesn't create much anymore, but her work continues to inspire so many people, me amongst them.  But more than that - she, who she is inspires me. We talk everyday and her beautiful nature, her humour, her silliness {because we all need one of 'those' friends in our lives} and her caring ways continue to inspire me - she's just an amazing person in all ways.  Although I'm still waiting for my personal tutorial on how to create her perfect Bitty Blossoms that I'm so useless at!

Michelle is soooo talented!  I was in such awe of her... back in the day she was {well still is} one of the people who broke all the rules and created with anything, and made it look perfect.  When I was invited to join Dusty Attic I was almost beside myself that I would be on a DT with 'the' Michelle Grant.  Now she's one of my closest friends and I stir her up like I do my sister.  It'd be a rare day that we don't talk.  She continues to inspire me with her drive, her amazing imagination and how she can create with anything.  She's a creative powerhouse!  You know what... I'm still in awe of her, she truly is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met.

I'm also always inspired by fabulous designer Donna Salazar, who I'm lucky enough to create for.  I love Donna's positive cheeky outlook on life and how it comes through in her work.  I have been inspired by her for a long time, with her love of handmade elements and denim, but as I've got to know her better I'm inspired by her absolute love and devotion to her family, it's beautiful!

And last, but certainly not least by any count - Nadia Cannizzo.  She has a style that's messy, but perfect... I love everything she does.  Unfortunately I can't mimic it, but that doesn't mean I'm not inspired by her work and don't learn from her fabulous tips and tutorials. She has a wonderful challenge blog as well, which I'm sure most people in the scrapping world knows about - Once Upon a Sketch.

There's so many more wonderful designers who I have to go see what they're up to each week, whose work makes me go 'ooooh'.  There's so much talent out there in this big wide world of ours, but I've found the people who inspire me most are people who have shared their stories, have worked through hardships and who create from the heart not from ambition... people who are real!  These are the ones who inspire me endlessly and not just in the way I create.

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