Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Rough day...

Yep... it's been a crappy one. Unusual for me, but there ya have it! But having a good friend to talk to, who is there to listen and help if they can is the best thing in the world. Family, and friends you can count on - you don't need much more in this life do you! So now I'm going to have a much better night... and go to bed early!

Thanks Lisa, for being there... love ya!


  1. Oh no...You had a bad one too Mistra!... I hope you are feeling much better now... and so glad you have someone you can talk to! {Lisa has a good ear doesn't she!!!}

    Hope you have a much better day tomorrow...and chin up to you too love! We love our Mistra and we dont wanna see her being a sad girl!!

    Lots of Luv!!

  2. Thanks sweet...

    I woke up feeling much better and my worlds demands seem not so pressing this morning! Plus I have tomorrow off work so that helps!!

    Darren is up and dressed, Kellan is ready for school... everything is running smoothly!

  3. sorry to hear that things weren't good today!!

    hang in there Mistra - you have a group of people behind you who think that you are pretty neat

  4. oh fanks for the thanks...heheh.. I missed that one earlier...luv ya too mate...

    Lisa xoxo