Saturday, 2 September 2006

A card for Darren...

Those who know me know that my ever loving, devoted {clueless, forgetful...} darling husband has totally forgotten the whole concept that I'm a mum on Mother's day... for 2 years in a row. He's not forgotten mothers day... just the concept that the bearer of his only child is also a mother! My whole plan was to ignore it all this year and do the same back...
Well I can't do it. I've just caved and made a card for Kellan to give to him. I can't let the poor kid down... it's about the children, not just the dad's and Kel will be so upset if I don't play the game. So the Daz man has a card that doubles as a mini LO/Frame thing for his desk... and Kel and I will make him breakfast. He's already getting himself a present anyway... some new part for his computer when I get paid... this man is spoilt rotten I tell ya!!

Here's the card... I can put it up as he has no idea I even ramble away on a blog... he's just starting to grasp the whole msn concept!! Builds computers... plays online games... has a hi-tech mind... and is clueless!! Oh well... I do love the bugger... and we all know I'm insane!!

Can you believe this is my 4th entry for one day... I must be bored to tears or something!!


  1. love your men are forgetfull and we can never do it back to i have tried it it is about the kids in the end..we do for them...the life of a

  2. Geepers...4 entries in one day! You were a busy gal!
    Sorry to hear about your friend Julie.. my thoughts are with her.
    Lovely Lo... loving the fancy pants papers!
    Absolutely gorgeous necklace Kel made you... what a lucky Mum you are!
    What is it with us women and always caving into our men at some point!... but best not to play their game... they will remember that!