Wednesday, 13 September 2006


is it that one person... a total stranger at that... can totally screw up your whole day for you!! I 'met' this person today who was honestly the most insane acting person I have ever met... you know the ones where you can SEE it in their eyes... like how does this person function I'd love to know! I hope to never see said person again, but may have to... if so I'll be removing myself from the situation. Not mentioning names... it's too small a world for that... my general circle of friends and acquaintances can rest assured it's not you!! ROFL!!
I can't get this person out of my head... they've honestly frightened the wits out of me... although a wee vent here and there is helping relieve the load!! Even Darren is wired... well more than usual if that's possible!
Looking forward to starting a new day... all fresh... without their face in it!!


  1. KNow the feeling Mistra - met them everyday!!! don't worry - it will pass...and if you are frightned ring the authorities, they know how to deal with them...

  2. not good Mistra.. take care of yourself and if anyone knows what she is talking about that be Kim.. if you not feeling safe ring them authorities... take care

  3. LOL... while typing that I was thinking... oh yeah... now I've seen what Kim see's each day!
    I feel safe enough, they didn't come across as violent nutsoid... just won't ever try and converse with this person!
    Thankd girls!

  4. Mistra, heres to seeing bright ,smiling and happy faces from here on in!

  5. Goodness Mistra!!! Give them a wide berth. Lots of great advice here and hope it all goes well.