Saturday, 23 September 2006


Has been wonderful! I've done nothing I planned to do and it's still been an awesome day. Maybe spring is in the air, there's just this 'change' in our household and it's fresh and new and oh so wanted!
Today Darren loaded and unloaded 64 sq mtrs of concrete pavers all on his lonesome... then proceeded to start paving, and in now weeding. He's only stopped for breakfast and lunch when I told him to come and eat!
Meanwhile.. I, still in shock from all this... have done the dishes, done about 6 of the 10 loads of washing that needed doing, FOLDED said washing, mopped the floors and scrubbed some walls, stripped the beds and re-made them, moved the lounge around, brushed away the cobwebs and tidied up. Are we legends or are we legends!?!
And I have St John's Wort to thank for it... Darren took himself of his medication as it really wasn't doing much, he's too sensitive to it to be any use and we've had a few rough weeks again... even before he stopped taking them. So after a few weeks to make sure there was no residue of the other stuff in his system I took the ball by the horns and came home with a natural therapy... which is WORKING!! He's happy... he's not stressed... I don't get that 'pained' look... it's heaven! I thought he would react well to it... when he had his psoriasis outbreak years ago the aromatherapy blend I made for him worked where all the "conventional" treatments failed... he's just one of those people!!
I hope it keeps working... it should do... but for now, we both enjoy our family again as it used to be!!

Until next time... take care of you... mwah!


  1. oh sounds like a wonderful productive day.. and not like either of you at all. Well done on the change. Hope you have a lovelly Sunday. Take care

  2. Mistra, so glad that things are turning around for you. I understand what you guys are going through, been there myself :) Sending you lots of happy vibes in case you need back up!