Monday, 4 September 2006


I took some pics yesterday of the weeds in the front yard... some are so beautiful! I love spring when everything comes into flower!! So while waiting for Darren to finish his cancer stick before hopping in the car to go to the in-laws for afternoon tea I decided to play with the macro settings and try force my camera to do what I wanted... unfortunately not being an SLR and all... it often wins the fight, but we are learning to understand one another!!

This one is my favourite. I love these little purple flowers... they go to sleep in the early evening so I only get the chance to see them on the weekends... and yes... they're onion weed I think... but who cares, they look pretty!!

Yesterday was good... Darren appreciated the card and breakfast. I think he realised he almost got nothing though! Kel had a great time and that's what counts! Was a good family day... hopefully next Sunday we can go 'out' somewhere and chill out together!

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