Monday, 11 September 2006

New look...

OK... it's different. We'll see how I like it! Have kept my green html coding though... I like that one, but this one is pretty cool... like the tag look, just don't like how narrow it is on my computer - how's it look on yours? There should be a link down the bottom as to where it came from!

Kim changed her's and it's nice and wide and looks great, so got bored as one does, followed her links... then some other links and found this template!


  1. it is really skinny on my computer. You have to find the margins and just extend them out.
    otherwise it looks good, kinda old world funky....

  2. Mistra, WOW your blog looks fantastic. I love the arty old world feel to it! Excellent!

  3. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx12 September 2006 at 12:17

    Am loving your last few layouts shown here. Great work as always, your so clever.

    I had to laugh at the photos on the "OMG" and "tantrum" layouts, just too cute.

    Have a great week and keep smiling. Your new blog colours and set up is great too:)

  4. Its looking good Mistra, I like!!

  5. Love your new look Mistra. Love it soo much, I'm jealous! LOL You are a blogging genius!

  6. LOL... no genius Ann... I got it from the link down the bottom of the right hand side. There's some really cool ones there... just copy and paste the code {and save your old one just in case!!}

    No luck finding the size things though... hmmm...

  7. haha wicked blog Mistra.. me come back to the old one.. missed tha changes an all.. haha.. oh well will have to wait and see what there is going to be.

    take care and chat to you soon