Sunday, 24 September 2006

Some layouts for the heck of it...

Did some layouts today just for the heck of it... I 'should' be doing the last recipe swap pages, but really don't want to do anything I 'had' to do this weekend iykwim. {Ladies in the swap reading... sorrryyyy, I'll get it done soon, promise!!}

They're simple, but that's what I'm liking at the moment... swings and roundabouts they say! The Dragon Roar one is based on a sketch by Becky Fleck, who makes it all too easy... especially when your brain went for a walk like mine has today!!


  1. mistra love the simplicity of the layouts. sometimes you don;t need much and that is good. The roar one is wicked.. love the colours and you are right about the Becky Fleck sketches.. they make things simple when your brain walks away.

    You been a dt for a year now.. wow how time flies. that is amazing.

    have a good week

  2. WOW... you been a busy blogger this weekend Missy!!

    Lovely to hear that you had such a productive Saturday. Dont you just love days like that when you get soo much done!
    Your DT sneak peaks are gorgeous... cant wait to see the rest of the LO's... your such a tease!! I cant believe its been a year almost already! WOW time flies!
    Love Love Love Kellans face painting... it's just fantastic, you dont need a lot to these LO's... the photos speak a thousand words! Lovely work as always!!

    Heres to a good week before school holidays!!

  3. Oh you make me quite sick really ! LOL your LOs are gorgeous as always! Love that roaring face!

  4. Love them both! Now I will have to think about getting the other MM multi pack, only got the abby.