Sunday, 10 September 2006

More LO's...

Nothing quite like a crop day to get my mojo flowing! Finished some more layouts today and am scrapped out now!

This one is Shay, my nephew... apparently this is a smile... me thinks he's confused!!

And here is another of Lily... she is confused here!! LOL, something about my sisters kids it seems!! She's such a cutey though...

Was a good day... got the new ladder... cleaned out 1/2 the guttering. Darren and Kellan both did a great job... I supervised and swept! We got rained on and had to stop though... but the power stayed on so we've fixed the problem... phew!!
So here's my boys up the ladder... so proud of Kellan actually wanting to help instead of being told to help...
So not ready for work tomorrow... wish I could work some days from home, it's one of those jobs where I could as it's fully computer based, and the system is already set up for remote input. Oh well... dream on!

Anyways... that's it for me... will leave you with some pics of my sweet little baby... take care of you...


  1. Oh boy hasnt Mr Shadow grown so much.. if he goes missing you know where to come looking.. haha.. miss him I does.. oh well I will have to come visit..

    Looks good the guys working together.. took a ladder to do it though. haha.

    Layouts are wicked too Missy. nice ones.

  2. I think we need to do a swap of photo frames.. loving yours...want want want LOL and look at you miss creative.. hey your email keep bouncing back to me.. can you send an email to for me

  3. Shadow is a real little cutie Mistra.

    Love those 2 LOs as well, love Shay's smile.

  4. Oh wow...hasn't he grown! He isn't no kitten no more! Looks like time for a bigger bed...haha!

  5. Love that second pic of Shadow. And all your brushes. And your layouts, as always :)

    The blog does look a bit narrow on my widescreen compared to the pretty green one. I like the colours and the tag look on the sidebar.