Sunday, 11 June 2006

Last day of holidays...

very sad today... no more fun days off!

Well I had the bestest break... better last me a while as I doubt I will be able to get any next school holidays because work is getting me a new assistant to train up! So long as I can grab the 2 days in August that I want... and get another week in before Gabi goes overseas for 8 weeks... I'll be happy. LOL @ me... planning my next holiday and I'm still on this one!!

Yesterday I did nothing... well I cooked brunch... then scrapped all day. I completed another 3 Layouts for Lynn... I love them {although I say that all the time don't I!!} And I also did one on my own choice of paper... using... wait for it... Urban Lily!! I used it out of choice!! I'm so proud of me!

Lee, one of the Angels Team, has this great talent for cutting out the design... I love what she does so thought I would use the same flowers and give it a go. OK... this lady has patience. It took forever! But I love it and am really happy with it! Here's the link for Lee's "Faces"... she even cut out all the white bits... that's where my patience said... umm no thanks!! And obviously this one is mine! Isn't Lily looking like the sweetest thing!?!

So now I have all this mojo and no photos to scrap!! LOL... another famous Mistra quote if ever I heard one!

I've been scrapping some of my older photos lately. Which is fine because I have an album for us, an album for Kellan and then one of Father and Son moments... so really I could scrap the same photo up to 3 times without essentially wasting time and supplies. It has been fun because my style has changed so much over the last year that I enjoy seeing the differences between them!

Plans for today... none. The weather looks nice so might escape... would love to go to the beach {Lisa did these FAB digi beach LO's and I want some more beach photos now!} but seriously... to cold for that!! Lisa is our Scrappi Dais Digi Queen. She has talent {whether you believe it or not my dear}... and it really shines when she goes digital!! She has a knack for creating 'amazing' with simple clean lines... whereas I have to throw everything I can on the page now... forget Chanel... less is no longer more for me... more is more!! Hehehe!!


  1. oh gees Mistra... whats all this praise Lisa and her work.. blah woman.. I just scrap and that's nothing.hehe. I am glad you like my layouts though.

    Lilly is cute isnt she. Love how you used your hate for Urban Lilly and created something wicked.

    Plan those holidays, hell girl we need them all.

  2. LOL... yeah.. caught me on a good day!! I'll be nasty tomorrow ok?

  3. Mistra... you nasty to Miss Lisa...never! it's praise praise praise! You can leave the nastyness to me... Im her sister...she will forgive me for it easier...HAHA {ok...she better not read this!..}

    The adorable Lily...she just looks too angelic here! Worked well with these Urban Lily papers... although the colours would have stumped me on how to use them...but you used them very well! This DT job does you wonders... you can use just about any pp now and work it well. I need help with that!