Thursday, 8 June 2006


Today was my pamper me day! I got my nails done and some eyebrows ripped off my brow!! Afterwards I popped over to my MIL's for a cuppa, then headed home to scrap!!

Last night I started making some embies for a LO for LC's today, just a star and some brackets, using this awful paper. The colours are gorgeous... the rest of the range is gorgeous, just this one sheet out of the whole lot was BLUCK!!! But I thought... the poor thing deserves a chance and some things are great in small doses!! The embies I made were gorgeous... I was on the right path, that was a good decision to use this poor, sad, lonely peice of paper!!

I started working on a LO at about 1ish... its now 11:30 and I have finally finished! 10.5 hours for 1 layout! Like OMG! And guess why. I had this bright idea that this paper would look great if I sanded it, then inked it then cut it this way and put it there and there - I mean the embies looked great, if I had any true talent surely I could make this work, couldn't I?

Well it did... looked great {surprisingly}... just a bit 'flat' and needed a wicked title... herein was my downfall... where to fit the thing!! Over 5 hours playing with friggin chipboard letters!! In the middle of this my mouse decides to bit the bullet and die... stupid thing. So after tears and a tantrum {that needed placating with hubby's credit card}, I have an old mouse of Darren's that has a tail... who cares, it works!! And my letters are done, they are glued, they are balanced and if the colours don't scan well for this I'm really going to have a hissy fit!!

Oh... a word of warning... don't DM Chip Chatter Letters {hey it seemed like a good idea at the time}... they warp a little. If I can't get this one to stop wanting to bend itself off the layout then it will be the first one I have ever thrown in the bin!! LOL... nah, it will be salvagable... I think...

But despite spending my whole day on a layout... 'twas another lovely holiday day!! And I do like my LO... a big sense of acheivement using something way out of any comfort zone I've been in and trying something different, that I think works.

Edit: Woke up in the am and the Chip Chatter Letter is fine... it curved and then flattened itself back to normal all by itself!! Phew...!

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