Friday, 9 June 2006

Friday... exhaustion!

I am pooped!! Today I went shopping with my mum and sister! I had to get Kellan some more uniforms and that was all... perhaps treat myself to a new pair of shoes. So we met up at 11:00, had coffee and then were off shopping... on mum!! She gave us pocket money to spend! At first I was having trouble spending {believe it or not}... it's been so long since I've gone fun shopping!! But there were sales and I had a ball.
I was seriously decadent today though with one item... I bought myself a designer perfume. I haven't had one for easy 10 years! I got Britney Spears Curious on sale for $34.00 I really love it and feel so spoilt!!
So after over 5 hours of shopping I am worn out!! But have the scrap bug... wanna scrap!!

Oh... and I got some new shoes as well!!

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  1. sounds like your holidays finished on a high Mistra - hope that you are well rested to go back to work...