Tuesday, 6 June 2006


I am fast proving to myself that I never do anything useful on my holidays!! But then, I guess for me... the chance to simply be at home and do nothing is a holiday! LOL... what do I mean 'me'... that goes for all us women!! Whether we are SAHM's or WOTHM's... we both work all darn day!
I got up usual time... got Kel ready, woke up hubby... took Kel to BSC {still do that because not taking him upsets his routine and therefore his happiness}, then came home and waited for the post office to open!
Did the post office thing, bought half of it home as sending one LO via Registered Mail to Sydney and one Letter to NZ proved to be a major effort in paperwork! So I still have yet to go back so I can post the CJ's and the other stuff!
Then I caught up on my forums, chatted with Lisa and Jac until they both had to tend to those motherley duties... and then I played Pharaoh - until Darren got home!! Like OMG... where did those hours go!!
But I did have fun... I am relaxed... some housework got done and I have thoroughly enjoyed my day!
I would like to get some scrapping done... but to honest, I couldn't be bothered at the moment. I have all these gorgeous supplies to use... they are sitting on my desk looking at me longingly... and yet I continue to ignore them! Well... not to worry... I'll get over this and be off and running again soon!! Some new pics will help with that... now to actually take some!!
So that's another day... wonder what tomorrow has in store for me!!


  1. Holidays are about doing nothing and relaxing aren't they!
    I'm sure you will get to those scrap suplies in no time! If not I know a litte someone that has her mojo back and could use some 'new' things to inspire her.....hehehehe

  2. Sounds like the perfect holiday day to me Mistra. I am taking a holiday today, just for me. Not leaving the house except to pick up Jade from school.