Sunday, 4 June 2006

Holiday Diary...

I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays!!!
Guess you got the message... I'm on holidays!!
Thought I would do a holiday diary on here so I remember I actually had one as well all know how quick they fly by!! So I'm behind already... but hey, it's me, would I have it any other way!!
Saturday 3rd June:
Woke up with headache... good start but that wasn't stopping me! Took Darren to the doc's to get some paperwork finalised re his compo thing, then Macca'c for lunch as I had 2 kids {9 & 39} harping at me for it! Wasn't that hungry but head was saying it needed food so I had a happy meal. LOL! Then went to take some pics in Guildford for LC's SnapShots Journals. Next stop was Ultimate Games so Darren could buy a game... and I walked out with a second-hand {big spenderer of $10 I am} expansion pack for Pharoah - a game I was hooked on about 4 years ago. Well I was hooked until Scrapping took over my life!! Then we went to Jaguar DVD to treat ourselves to some DVD's. We haven't bought a DVD simply forever!! We picked up Narnia and King Kong for $20 each.. gotta be happy with that!!
So home again... King Kong went straight into the DVD player... Darren loaded his game, I loaded mine... tried to deall with the concept of chatting on msn with my friends... but not being able to see the screen through the migraine that the headache had developed into proved impossible so logged of after a whole 1 second I think! So I konked early and went to bed. Asleep by 9:30 I think! What a waste of a perfectly good weekend night!!
Sunday 4th June:
Slept in until about 9:30ish... like OMG I slept that long! But... very minor niggle of a headache! Woohooo!! Darren made me bacon and eggs for breakky, yummy... low carb on the menu today as I'm positive the migraines stem from too many carbs.
Vegged with Kellan watching TV, he has a cold so I've dosed him up and wrapped him up warm. Darren's brother turned up after lunch by surprise, which is ok, he's family and family can drop in whenever {what's the bet though that it was arranged and Darren forgot!!} He had Jess in tow so Kel was rapt to have someone to play with and also left me free for the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. So I worked on the next Angel Medley for LC's and then got lost in Pharoah until dinner time... how bad am I! But no headache from the computer so it's most likely the carbs... who really knows but I'm so glad I got rid of it with no medication this time!
I did clean the kitchen and do some washing today... I'm not a total slacker, but I haven't left the house all day!!
Tomorrow we plan to escape so I can get some pics... always needing more pics!! The weather was divine today, hope it's the same tomorrow!
And right now... now I plan to go to bed again. I'm on holidays... sleep is needed!! Good Night!!


  1. oh bad thing about those migrains.. get rid fo what is causing them and you be smooth sailing..

    looking forward to reading all about your holidays.. have fun now.

  2. Sounds like a nice start to your holidays Mistra!
    Those migrains sure must be a worry...your always having them arent' you? It's not good missy!
    Have a great week of rest and leisure!

  3. enjoy holidays Mistra - I am sure that you will completely relax and be able to feel like you had some holidays....