Sunday, 11 June 2006

Another LO for today...

it looks pretty much like the other one... but brighter!!

This is our gorgeous god-daughter on her 3rd birthday. We used to run these poor kids ragged on the weekends... they used to sleep like logs as well!! Unfortunatley, on this day, Courtney was run ragged before we were even half way through the zoo!! LOL!! Love this kid... she's got attitude, but in all the right places!
Well that's my flower cutting outting experiments... what's next!! Ooops... shouldn't say that - Lisa will set me some evil challenge!! I've since added glitter to the word "fairy"... it's a girly LO and girls have to have glitter some-where!!

Paper was Urban Lily, Letters are Heidi Swapp, Photoshop Brush was downloaded from deviantART {but can't remember whose coz there's literally millions to choose from - all the putah file is telling me is moreborders4}


  1. oh you did a wonderful job on this one.. and I so love the gorgeous little Courtney.. she looks so cute in the outfit.. love the colours too.. flowers are wicked...

  2. Love the hibiscus flowers on this one... they are sooo pretty! - just like your fairy girl there!