Saturday, 17 June 2006

Been busy...

It's been Cyber Crop weekend at LC's again and I have been flat out!! It's been great fun though!! Certainly earn my keep doing these... but I love to do it so it's certainly not a chore!
So all challenges have been set... I still have my second challenge to do. Lime Green, Black & White, with a splash of a colour of your choice!

Challenge 1 was to use a minimum of 3 Patterned Papers and NO plain anything! I challenged myself further to use only papers from my old stash {and no Basic Grey}... wasn't as easy as I thought it would be... especially with all my new 3 Bugs and Fancy Pants papers looking at me!!

So this one is Kellan doing the dishes... had to take a pic because he wasn't asked to do them... and it may never happen again!!

Challenge 3 was another step by step... I LOVE these! This one I based from a layout by Kerrin Quall. I disected what she had done and put it into step forms... even mine looks nothing like hers and I knew what the steps were! I love to see how we each interpret the same instructions to create such different work!! I used some ancient Fancy Pants paper... the old stuff they made before they got a clue... it was awful... and diamonds! But I have overcome my fear of using diamonds now and it worked well.

The scanner cut off about an inch of the white to the left... but I'm too tired to fix it and it looks ok... you all get the idea anyway!!

But this is Kel dressed up for school assembly on Friday... I had 1 night to get the costume ready... haaarumpf for the notice!! But didn't he look cute... I think he did!! Perhaps I'm biased!!

Will show you all the other LO later... when I do it!!


  1. great LO's Mistra - you do so well at these cyber crops you should be proud of yourself. I know that people appreciate the time that you put into them. Just wish that I had the time to partake as well - would help the old mojo to get flowing....

  2. The LOs look great! Like the idea of the black and lime green...

  3. Fabulous layouts Mistra and thanks for the challenges! I have had a ball and a very productive weekend inspiration wise! :)

  4. great layouts Mistra.. well done.. very productive weekend you had at that cyber crop.. coolies.

  5. Thanks gals!! Crissy... was wonderful to have your company... glad you enjoyed yourself!!

  6. Sounds like a full on weekend Mistra. LO's are great. Kel sure did look the part.. you did swell if you got that together in one night!

  7. I did... one night, a whole bottle of MM Paint {grrr} and... get this... I sewed the teeth on!! Plased with the sewing... not so pleased about the paint!!