Thursday, 8 June 2006

Wednesday... {yesterday}

Or "tha ovva day" as Kellan would say!

Had a great day! Did the usual morning routine... made myself a latte then packed all my scrap stash away to go to Lisa's for lunch and spend the arvo there.
Beforehand I had to post some final items & get some Bazzill from Spotlight. I was cringing at the thought... but HAD to have Pear Bazzill TODAY, the shade was the only one that was going to work. Should've not done that... my 99c sheet of Bazzill cost $95!! OMG... I am so bad - yet paying 99c for Bazzill is still the thing I have issues with!
Then I had to stop at the shops to get some yummies! Guess what? They have a Turkish Delight Chocolate drink now... like talk about heaven in a cup!!
I could've left my stash in the car... no scrapping happened, although I doubted that it would!! What did happen was lots of chatting and a thoroughly enjoyable day being spent... as it always is with Lisa!
Left her house at about 4:30, poor girl didn't get a thing done all day! On the way home up the Roe Highway a familiar car joins the flow of traffic 2 cars ahead... 'twas my hubby on his way home from work! Now we couldn't do that again if we tried!! I know... trivia info... but was a buzz for me!
Sooo... that was yesterday. I cooked a gorgeous Risotto for dinner, even Kellan ate it!! All summed up... it was a perfect day!!


  1. had a great day too Missy. Love those Turkish Delight Hot CHocolate... mmmm. yummy

    how is that you and Dags on the Hwy together.. haha.. perfect timing.

    Must do the day again.. and scrap maybe..haha

    Thanks again

  2. LOL... I think it was nice for a change to not scrap!! We still did the eating bit though!!
    I have now, however, found my scrap mojo after looking at all your gorgeous LO's! Haven't scrapped anything, but have made some embies!!

  3. So are we going to see some gorgeous new LO's anytime soon? Hehe, I can't talk, I haven't scrapped a LO for myself for weeks. Now that all my CJ's and swaps are out of the way though, there are no excuses.

    Sounds like Lisa and you had a wonderful day. Wish I lived closer to you all.

  4. so glad that the holidays are moving nicely for you Mistra - love the drive tale, that is so cool....

  5. Good to hear the holidays are spent having fun relaxing ad catching up with friends...