Saturday, 17 June 2006

Sorry Chelle...

Been meaning to do this tag of yours for days... so it's being done NOW!!

Finish the sentence

1/ for my next birthday I would like... my husband to remember it before I walk out the door for work!

2/ my favourite book is... ummm The Second Sunrise by Geoff Pike.... it's old and I've read it about 5/6 times so I must like it.

3/ my friends would describe me as... weird?

4/ my favourite beauty treatment... manicure!! Every 3/4 weeks!!

This goes with that
(In this one you have to pick what you enjoy with the item given,)

1/ a glass of wine... dinner out with friends

2/ a winter’s day... p-j's and slippers

3/ Coffee... white with 2 please

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