Friday, 2 June 2006

Bounced out of bed...

then got back in!! Too cold!!
I feel like I was hit by a bus! We went to bed on time, I slept like a log and am exhausted! I had lots of dreams, but I know where they have stemmed from so that's ok... but don't you hate that when you wake up exhausted because you were running amok in your dreams!! Guess its worse when you have no idea what bought the dream on and you sit there thinking.... hmmmm OK ducks and yo-yo's... lets not even go there!! And yes... I even googled that one!! ROFL!!
But... last day of work for a week! I woke Kel up this morning and he was excited because after today he gets 3 whole days off!! He loves long weekends and holidays - but then who doesn't!!
Kim, Lisa, Chelle and myself are doing the Scrapboxx Retreat again next year. Pretty excited about that... was a bit dubious at first as the venue was a little cramped, but Maria has fine-tuned all that, so I'm thinking the next one will be perfect. If the girls are going, then I'm there! Not missing out on the fun that's for sure!! They had a riot on Lisa's birthday which I had to miss, not fun missing out on any get together but a birthday!! Even if it was boring {will never happen with these ladies} I still would've wished I was there!!
Well... that's all for now. Just a little ramble while I wait for Kellan to get his act together... I swear he gets slower every day!!


  1. i know why ducks and yo-yo's

    but wont go into that right now.. haha.

    yes retreat here we come.. woohoo.. looking like a great time to had again.

    The birthday was wicked and you did miss it.. sorry about that. next year be good too..

    see .. she who said she had nothing to blog.. 3 entries in 24 hours.. doing good woman!!

  2. Yeah... once I start I'm of and running!! Ducks and yo-yo's was another night... I have interesting dreams, just rarely remember them, except for generalisations!!

  3. do u fly play in your dreams and steer them with your feet into huge mansions and this weird women comes out and asks if you wnt a cup of tea??
    Or is that just me?

  4. Hmmmm Chelle... can't say that I do!! I'll just stick with my yo-yo's!!