Monday, 2 January 2006

Quiet Day

<<- This pic is the title page for my CJ on LC's that I'm doing. It's our first CJ together and I'm really looking forward to it! I chose "It's a Girl Thing" because I just LOVE being a girl, and LOVE all the girly scrap stuff out there at the moment. Lynn got in some delicious MM Simply Fabulous things and they are soooo girly.
Oh, Lynn has a sale on at the moment if anyone's looking for a bargain!
Like my G I R L letters? - I do! They're Rebekka Erickson ones and I painted them and put dimensional magic on them and sprinkled them with glitter when the DM was wet - funky hey, I love glitter!!
Anyway, it's been a lovely relaxed day today... went to do some washing and realised most was done {wow}, even the dishes were done and my sink is shining - LOL! I so love holidays. It would be wonderful to be a SAHM and have the time to do this daily instead of having to spend weekend time doing it. It's tough being a mum no matter if your working at home, from home or outside - we still all have hubbies or kids or chores or all of them pulling you in every direction with demands. At least with work I get to escape it in a sense, but those responsibilities don't go away, you just have to cram it all into a smaller time frame!! Maybe when DH is back to his old self life will get easier... not that things are bad - no, we're all good! And as I said - a lovely day today. Watched a movie with Kel this morning, chatted with friends, drank coffee, ate chocolate - perfect hey!!
I have a cold... but even that's not so bad, at least I'm on holidays - and it's taking it's time so hopefully I won't get a full dose - fingers crossed I don't lose my voice before Wednesday as I'm scrapping with the girls and have trouble getting a word in edgewise as it is, poor Lisa & I - quiet little petals that we are!!! LOL!!! We've been told to bring lots of scrap supplies and mojo... not sure where to buy this, Chelle says they sold out!! Darn it... bet it was on sale as well!!
Now can some-one tell me how to get the pics to go at the bottom of the page instead of always at the top? Please....


  1. Hi Mistra!!! Just thought I'd stop by and check out a few SBers blogs - love yours, LOVE this layout and love your work (I have one of the recipes you did for the slow cooker swap - GORGEOUS!). Happy New Year and catch you again soon! Moi

  2. To get the pic to go down to the bottom just click on the pic when it is loaded and you will see that it gets a bounding box around it. Just click and drag it down to where you want it in the text.
    I find it best to do the pics last cos then i can put them wherever I want them in the text. Hope that helps