Thursday, 26 January 2006

My Scrap Space take 2...

This months snap'n'scrap challenge at LC's was to snap and scrap your scrap area and use KI Memories Paper, a Frame, Ink or Paint and Brads. Tied in perfect with Julie's suggestion of share your space so I scrapped this today.

A proud moment for me... it's the very first time I mixed my letter fonts. I am so pendantic that the the whole word matches and have been trying to get this to work for ages... only to revert back to my matching fonts! It all came together today {well I think so anyway} although I did have to compromise with myself and have them all the same colour! LOL!!
Thanks ladies for your lovely comments... they really do make my day!!


  1. I love your space Mistra, and I love what you have done with this layout.. the colours, the letters everything.. it is awesome.. thanks for showing us take 2 of your creative area.

  2. very nice Mistra
    i really like the paper and love your letters :o)

  3. very nice Mistra - love the mixing of the fonts.

  4. Love the KI!!...
    Very clean and crisp! the fonts look fab mixed too... I love it.

  5. Thanks ladies!! LOL @ Karen... so you noticed I didn't distress the bejeezus out of the KI, makes a change hey! There is still a huge part of me that looks at this and feels that need to tear and ink and sand something though!!