Sunday, 22 January 2006

Another LO...

I was going to get the family out today... but Darren started working on the aviary, which really needs working on so I prefer he does that!!
So I scrapped another Singapore pic... I find these challenging.
1. I don't remember them so don't have a lot of references!!
2. The clothes were really tragic and hard to blend with today's papers!!
3. I want to keep them simple and I'm having trouble holding myself back from throwing everything on the page!!

This one was a nightmare! I loved the photos... but the colours... eeewww!!! Given that, I wanted to keep the colour and not make them b/w because they really reflect the 70's fashions!! Yellow was not happening! So I've opted for an apricotty colour {uuughh}, but it works!! The little coin was a perfect addition, this I got in a RAK from Karen... thanks Karen!


  1. Mistra... so loving these Lo's your doing with the slides you have. They are working a treat!
    This one looks great. Your showing me that LO's don't need PP, thats something I struggle a lot with!
    The coin works a treat too! Glad you made a good use for it!!

  2. love the layout Mistra, the simplicuty of it all is wonderful nad I agree you dont need much on these pages. Can't wait to see more of them soon.

  3. just gorgeous Mistra and the colours are perfect..what a wonderful photo!

  4. Love this LO Mistra. The colours compliment the photo and I love that coin.

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I hope we can stay in touch.


  5. another great page Mistra
    your very lucky to have pics of when you were a child

  6. Beautiful layout Mistra...lovin your use of orange!!!