Saturday, 21 January 2006

Quiet Scrappy Day

Quiet scrap wise and social wise... I even had a nanna nap today! I did manage a LO, one of the Singapore pics from '73. Here 'tis below... and I chatted, read a few blogs, checked out a few forums, got a canvas out {still not unwrapped yet!!}. I like my LO... simple - but I like simple. And I went bow crazy... my first bows on a LO. I loop and I tie, have never done the bow thing - probably because I don't have many girly LO's to do!! So anyway this is me, dad is holding the bird for me to pat. This was at the Botanical Gardens in Singapore! Not a bad pic from a over 30yo slide, I was happy with the result!


  1. when are you coming over to help me scan my slides?? LOL mine always look tragic.. just a gorgeous layout I'm loving all these Singapore ones you are doing

  2. wow M love this page and how cute are you :o)
    loving all the bows and the colour combo