Friday, 20 January 2006

Finally... the weekend is here!!

What an insane week this has been for me! I woke up with an eye glued together on Monday, so off to work with saline/cottonballs to relieve my itchy as eye that felt like it was about to pop out of my head... great start to the week! But then I got the For Keeps call, so that kinda made my decade!!
My eye was feeling better for the rest of the week but I am soooo exhausted. Work is FLAT OUT... today I did 105 quotes myself... between Gabi & myself we did a weeks worth of quotes in one day - never heard of in my estimating life-time {and that 18 years!!}. Plus I woke up with a gluggy eye again... ewwww icky!!
However, always a brighter note... LC's is really pumping... so much happening, I love being a part of such fun!!
I can also say.... Scrapbooking Memories want one of my LO's!!! They want one for the Words gallery coming up and I am double mega excited, it's all happening at once and I really don't quite believe it's all true yet!!
Phew... so I have been on an emotional roller coaster. Flat with no ooomph one minute, jumping around like a fruitcake the next... LOVE IT!! Well not the "no ooomph" part, but we all get that from time to time!


  1. oh no still icky eye.. must get drops and make it better...

    You never mentioned SM layout.. naughty girl.. congrats to that..

    Busy busy girl at work.. atleast you can come home and relax and scrap the days away.. hope you have a good weekend.

  2. bummer about your eye Mistra
    hope its much better
    congrats about the mag, i may have to give it a go some time