Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Scrapalicious Day

Went to Karen's and scrapped with her, Lisa, Chelle & Kim today... as always it was the BEST of days! I love scrapping, chatting, laughing {and eating} with the girls! These girls have become my closest friends - I doubt I could find better {or would want to}, they all have hearts of gold! Flea & Donna as well... our little Scrappi Dais clan! Can't wait until the 14th when we can all get together, and hopefully with our newest member Bee!!

Mojo was not obtainable at the shop... but I did manage 2 simple LO's... I'm enjoying the clean simple styles at the moment, although a part of me does think "now what else could I throw on there"!! I have 1/2 done one... it really needs stitching to bring it together... so will be taking Kerry @
LC's up on her challenge earlier than I thought!! Hmmm... thanks Kerry!

Here's the 2 LO's I did do...

Will perhaps work on the other 2 tonight after catching up on forums and dishes and washing and dinner and all those other 'mother' duties.

Have told hubby we are getting out as a family tomorrow... enough hiding in the Daz Cave, it will help him move along to have a lovely {stress-free} outing! Kel has requested Kings Park and then the beach... good kid, he always picks places with great photo ops!! Hehehe!!


  1. Loving your layouts Mistra and have a super day today at Kings Park....I remember going there when we went to Perth and it was BEAUTIFUL :0)


  2. Lo's look FAB Mistra as always! SO enjoyed you gals coming over today, had a great day...and even managed one and a half LO's myself today.
    Have a great day today at Kings you say there is always great photo ops at Kings Park and the Beach. ENJOY!

  3. Thought I'd drop by and have a sticky beak. Your writing is entertaining. Hoping you have a stress free day out.