Friday, 13 January 2006

WooHooo.. it's the weekend!

It's finally arrived... thank god! This was one hard week at work I'll tell ya! But it's the weekend, and I LOVE my weekends!
I have Scrappi Dais with my friends tomorrow and am soooo looking forward to catching up with everyone! I have nothing organised yet.. but the night is young! For once I can't complain I have no pics... I have hundreds now thanks to mum. But no mojo to go with them... typical hey! I have some sketches I did, getting ready for my next DT assignment and the photos I want to use are some from last year of Kel and Darren. So typical of me - I have all these fantastic pics, that have never been scrapped, from the 60's and 70's and end up using last years pics! I still might get some of me done from Singapore though... once I get these ones out of my system.

OK.. time to share a pic, love photos!! Here is one of me... my first day at Kindy in Singapore! Gee...was I ever that little!!

So how's was everyone's Friday the 13th? I had a few downers... but there is always a brighter side to everything! The big one was the laundry sink blocked and I flooded the scrap room... OMG!! But the upside is nothing was damaged, no-one was electrocuted and the tiles are sparkling!! But we did have panic stations for a while as I was trying to save scrap stuff and powerboards all at the same time!!
Sooo.. looks like Darren is washing towels and doona's tomorrow... coz I'm going SCRAPPING!!

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