Monday, 9 January 2006

Survived day one at work...

First day back was as I predicted... fine once I got in the swing of things!! The day went nice and quick as well, because the quote queue was flooded with quotes... I did 63 today - all by my lonesome. Am pooped!! I'm really lucky to have a great place to work, I do count that as one of my many blessings!

I'm a bit sad about the state of part of my scrap world though... so much bickering and upsettingness {new word I invented}. LC's is fine, no probs there. I love our forum & site, everyone is friendly and helpful - and not just on the surface from those I know. But some other places - OMG!! Then the blogs give more sides to stories you could ever think imaginable, and some fantastic people have been upset by the thoughtlessness of others. I'm just going to keep away from them for a while and let it all calm down. I'm not involved, just a viewer, but reading hurts my heart.

Anyway... I'm going to play with all the yummy goodies I got from LC's today, new scrap supplies are always the best!

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  1. Oh Mistra that is a record for long quotes... good on you for getting through them.. might be time for pep talk with assistant again.

    I hate the bickering aswell but hey everyon has nothing better to do then hold grudges and whine all day... we have to get lives.

    Hope the week pans out better for you, oh and has Kel got his medication yet?.

    Take care and chat soon