Tuesday, 3 January 2006

What does a girl have to do...

to get herself some Francheville Double Sided Tape!!

My Spotlight hasn't had any for a week and I finally ran out... aaarrrggghh. It's also amazing how a quick trip up to Spotlight to get a $2.95 reel of tape {that wasn't there anyway} cost me $56.00 - LOL! They had cool bead trims, and rhinestones and all sorts... gotta love Spotlight.
I got Kellan a leadlight window thing while up there... he thought it was cool and then decided it would look better with all the colours mixed together, my child needs a lesson in colour blocking I'm afraid!!

He did make this cool rhinopotamus frame yesterday though, not to bad! Fine... he's not Michaelangelo... yet!!

Mum phoned with some rough news about my dear sis, she's in hospital emergency waiting for a bed in this wonderful hospital system of ours. She has massive gall-stones that can't be passed so we know what's in stall for her... I know she'll be fine now they know what's wrong, but she's going to panic about her kids and she needs to relax. She's only 29... so young, well she'll be dropping some weight now that's for sure! So I'll be off to tease the crap out of her soon as she's had the op... I know - god will get me, but she will prefer a good razz instead of wussy sympathy.

A long time friend called today to say Happy New Year - I really should have phoned her earlier, but I'm slack! As I'm talking to her my voice slowly vanished... great! Hubby thinks it's hilarious... see no sympathy whatsoever in this family!!

So how's that for a day... going from no tape to a sister in hospital - talk about extremes! Hope everyone's was better than this!

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  1. Hi Mistra, I saw that you left me such a nice comment, thankyou so much. I thought I would come and checkout your Blog.

    Love the rhinopotmus, I hope I spelt that correctly, he has done a great job.