Sunday, 15 January 2006

Scrappi Dai

We had a wonderful Scrappi Dais meet yesterday... they are always wonderful. As a group we have all grown so much 'stylewise' in the {almost} last year. We work well together - no bitchiness, no jealousy - just honest friendship, admiration for each others achievements, support of one another and a common love of this craft we call scrapbooking. Does it get any better? I don't think so!


  1. hey Mistra! You have been tagged! (hope you don't mind) so you need to check out my blog!?!

  2. Mistra it was such a good day wasn't it!!!

  3. Just love a good Scrappi Dai... good food, good friends, good conversation...what more can a girl need or want!
    Had a you girls!