Friday, 6 January 2006

I have survived!

Today was my day to help look after my sisters 3 kids. I have to admit I was packing it!! Everything seemed perfect when I got there to let mum go to work. "This will be a breeze" I thought... first stupid mistake!! Don't get me wrong... I adore them, but 3 against one... wow!! And they are smart, real smart, too smart in fact!

Two hours in and I was almost ready to say they had won. I was arguing with a 4yo... really, how stupid was I! Wasn't this something I learnt years ago - it's in ALL the books!! I must say that was a real turning point for me, I never even did that with my own child!! However, upon realising that I let them know I wasn't impressed and meant business, calmed down, had a coffee and took control! Isn't the healing powers of a good coffee incredible!!

I've got them worked out now though:
The oldest {5} is 'me', my personality as a kid, that I could deal with - he was a delight actually, very smart & fun to talk with.
The 2nd {4} is the spitting image of me & has my expressions but is most definately my sisters child personality wise! She used to push every button imaginable on me... now her son does, and does it well! But once I worked that out I obtained the upper hand!!
The 3rd {2.5} is really the sweetest, cutest little thing... but she'll back up whatever brother just got into trouble... pretty cute hey!!

Phew... and now I'm laughing and remembering all the cute things they did do, as they are gorgeous individuals {note: "in-di-vid-u-als"}... together they are a force to be reckoned with! But they all love cuddles... even from mean old Arny Mishwa!

I came home to a house that is spotless... my hubby was a cleaning angel and I'm sooooo appreciative of what he has done, especially at the moment. He's been very thoughtful and put in a great effort... and now I don't have to clean all weekend - woohooo!!!

I'm going to see Nev in hospital tomorrow and tell her my discoveries... she'll have a laugh, I'm wondering if she realises her 4yo is her all over again! The kids are going up to see her tonight... I hope they don't dob on me! Oh, they will won't they - I can hear them now... Arny Mishwa yelled at me and her exact reply will be "well you must of deserved it"!! I know my sister well!!

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