Monday, 30 January 2006

What DT should you be on...

I found this on Tamar's blog, did the quiz and have almost p'd myself laughing at the outcome! Here's the link... go do it for some fun!

They reckon I should design for ... wait for it... KI Memories... ROFL!!!

Now if you know me you'll know how I balk at working with this paper!! Don;t get me wrong, its one of my FAVE papers {to look at}, the colours and patterns are divine... but I'm useless with it {in my head anyway}. Where Julie, Fiona and my gorgeous friend Karen come alive with it... I manage to mangle and distress it!!

Now why didn't I get Basic Grey!!

Might need to go do that little test again methinks!!
But then again perhaps they are right... there's nothing like a good challenge to get me into ultra creative mode and work at my best!


  1. I cant belive you changed the answers to get BG, you dag arent you.. not happy with the real you...

    now Mistra I challenge you to complete a layout in KI Memories and post it up here on your blog for all to see. Are you up for the challenge.. come on girl show us what you can do... I know you can do it.

    Of to do the quiz now.

  2. Oh I've done one.. look down! The "Where I create" uses KI Memories... see it's sad hey!!

    I'm happy with the real me... just the silly quiz don't know who the real me is!! LOL!! But I loved it for the laugh!!

  3. Your too sweet Mistra!!

    Yep...did the quiz, and you guessed it..I got KI MEMORIES!...LOL
    Cant believe you didnt get BG the first time...LOL

    Love your challenge Lisa... can do it, you do gorgeous work!

  4. Karen... you ARE KI Memories - the 2 of you were made for each other... along with Chatterbox and SEI!!

  5. Ok so even though I have not met you AND you are on the other side of the country, there is one thing I do know and that is there is only one team for you and that is the BG team lol!

    So glad I found your blog, you are a BG girl through and through :)

  6. I know what you mean about the questions! they really made you think!?!

    Hey guess what I got......KI Memories, I was so