Sunday, 1 January 2006

R.I.P ShellShocker 1

Yep - Kel already broke the shell shocker - well at least it lasted 24 hours...! I'm not sure if 'he' did it, or it managed to slip a gear itself - but it's stuffed! Thank god I have the receipt as well as all the packaging so it will be going back to the shop asap! He said it got stuck and he tried to drive it out with the remote.... hmmm! Fingers crossed they accept that!


  1. Oh No Mistra!... poor ShellShocker! Lets just hope that it was something faulty and you can get another!

    Love the look of the new blog.... green and fresh!!!

  2. 24 hours was good going though!!! I am sure that you will be able to change it - they are made for little boys and so need to be indestructable.

  3. hey Mistra
    Just checking in to say that i have been here. How are you finsing Eblogger? I find it really good.
    Ill be back to check this out soon

  4. Hi Allison... love Blogger - it's so easy! Lisa has been trying to work on the html coding to get things even more personalised, she's clever that way! But even as it is, it allows for so much freedom!!
    Thanks for popping in... nice to know you were here!!