Monday, 16 January 2006

Literally jumping up and down!!

I had a phone call from For Keeps Magazine this morning... which was pretty exciting on it's own merits. But I almost fell of my chair when I was asked if I could be the featured scrapper for an upcoming "Introducing" segment! How exciting is that!! I submitted a LO for it early December and have seen the quality of work from the ladies chosen there since, and well to be honest didn't think further on it, especially since they chose my 'Sassy' LO for publication. Well they phoned and they will have the feature LO's and the Sassy LO in the one issue! I am super dooper excited about this! Perhaps I need to thank other mags for not accepting me yet as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
I knew I loved For Keeps Magazine for a reason!!


  1. A big woo hoo Mistra - way to go Girl!!!!
    So proud

  2. WOOHOOOOO!!!! well done Mistra,

  3. way to Mistra
    you clever little chicken you