Thursday, 5 January 2006

No Beach for us...

It was too icky sticky muggy for the beach today... and I had wonderful visions of fish&chips while the sun set. But when we went outside it was just 'bluck'... so we went to the movies instead {again}. We went to see Chicken Little, yes after all the advice to steer clear, but Kel really wanted to... and I'm a softie! But you know... I really enjoyed it. Perhaps because I wasn't expecting anything I was then pleasantly suprised. I moreso loved watching Kellan's reactions to things... and he was laughing at jokes that totally went over my head - must be a kid thing!

So I spent the afternoon chatting and submitting LO's to SC, SM & FK mags... I really must do this as I finish the LO's because it took forever!!

Tomorrow I'm off to look after my neices and nephews for a few hours. Nev won't be out of hospital until next week... and it's my turn to help out! Mum said she'll "run em ragged" in the morning so they have a good sleep in the afternoon, but they'll be fine. Kel will be with Vac Care - they're going to the Museum, so it's worked out quite well considering. Obviously would have been preferable that my sister didn't have to get her gall bladder out, but as mum says "what's done is done, can't be undone". Unless, of course, you have an 'undo last step' button - don't you wish we did sometimes!! I'm just thankful surgery went well and she has us all to rally around when needed.

Here's a LO I finished today... started yesterday. Inspired by Fiona Leehane's clean graphic style {although I simply had to distress it!!} and Kerry's challenge to use sewing. I feel Fiona is going to be a big name in the scrap world soon {well I'm a fan anyway!!}

Well enough from me... I really do talk don't I!! Take care of you!


  1. HOpe your sister is OK - she really does have to take it easy - her tummy will be sore and she will be a bit labile as well for a few days.....hope it all goes well.
    LO looks good and congrats on using some sewing (now get out the machine and be really adventuours)

  2. LOL... I don't OWN a sewing machine, all I found in the house was a darning needle and crotchet cotton!!

  3. Mistra, I'm
    It's very nice of you to say....

    I loved your layout, but bugger the hand stitching, bring on the sewing machine, I say!

    Also, I have to say...sub your layouts as soon as you finsh & make sure you sub EVERYTHING, ok?