Saturday, 7 January 2006

On a brighter note...

After we put the bad start behind us Kel & I had a wonderful day with mum shopping in Fremantle! They had sales, Kel was perfect {as he said he would be} and we had Gelare... perfect day!!
I had a massive proud mum moment today... a lady dropped $50 from her purse and Kel saw it, ran after her and gave it back... how is that for a good kid, I love my boy!!
We went to see Nev and she is doing fine... the gallstone was the size of a golfball and she has 38 staples... she looks like she had a fight with a shark! The doc says by the condition of the gall-bladder this has been growing for a year. Explains a lot of things as she's had a rough year - no wonder!! Kellan was most impressed by the staples though!!

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  1. WOW what a great thing for Kel to do by giving back the money when the lady dropped it.....YES that would be a VERY proud Mummy moment :0)